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One of the most interesting things you find when arriving in Los Cabos, is the meeting between two creations of nature that usually you can’t find together: the ocean and desert.

People do not expect to find the two together, but this is exactly what makes the region of Los Cabos unique.

It is sunny almost all year, the ocean is crystal clean and the sea life is so rich that some people call the region “the aquarium of the world”. You enjoy Mexican food, the beautiful weather and unique activities:

Hotels & Resorts

In Los Cabos you can find a variety of SPAs, where you can just let your thoughts and problems aside, where can you allow yourself to relax completely, while regaining your tonus.

You can enjoy services like body treatments, facial masks and of course, massage. But what makes a SPA particularly good, are the people who work there. People who are there to serve you and offer a personalized service.

Therefore, some hotels have raised their SPA services at another level, turning this experience into one that tourists come back year after year, and even recommend it to their friends and family.

These hotels will mesmerize you with their beauty:

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Cabo Flyboard

Basically you have a board that’s connected to a jetski which allows you to fly through the air, using the jetski as a water pump.

Image credit: Rusty Clark from merritt usland FLA (commons.wikimedia.org)

Image credit: Rusty Clark (flickr.com)

Most people, when they see how it works, are pretty sure they will not be able to keep their balance. But once you climb on the board and manage to get up in the air, your astonished of how easy it is to control the movement.

It is an incredible experience. We recommend it!

Wild Canyon Adventure Park

The people who built the tracks have done their best to efficiently use the canyon openings, especially in those areas where the thrill is the most intense.

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The standard adventure consists of eight tracks, going through the canyon several times. Track number 8 has around half a mile and passes under two suspended bridges.

Here you can also find the longest suspension bridge in the world made for ATVs. Riding down the bridge on an ATV, you can feel the whole park in the middle of the canyon, being suspended in the air, while you get the chance to catch the entire landscape of the park.


One of the first foods you must try when you visit Los Cabos is tacos. The shrimp, battered fish, cochinita pibil, chicharrones in salsa verde, nopales, chicken and barbacoa. These are Mexican dishes and everything can be made as a taco. 

You don’t need to try them all at once. Take them step by step and you will experience a piece of the authentic Mexican cuisine.

Tourists return to many of the restaurants in the region just because of the quality of the service.  

Some restaurants have started to grow their own food. When people visit Los Cabos, they don’t expect to see too much green vegetation. That’s why some owners have started to get matters intro their own hands and grow vegetables on site, creating an atmosphere of not actually dinning in a restaurant, but of going through an experience.

Next are the sea food restaurants. The key in this kind of dinning experience is the freshness of the sea food. You first come into the fish market where you can choose your fresh food, then enjoy the view of the ocean and sound of the waves, while being part of an experience right then and there.

Tour sites

Each city offers it’s own little journey. For example, some focus more on art, with galleries open until late at night, with people enjoying a glass of wine, while they have the chance to admire craftsmanship from every state of the country. 

An important tourist attraction is the arc. Some locals say that if you come to the region and don’t see the arc, it’s like missing an opportunity of a lifetime. 

The arc is located where the two seas meet each other, the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortes. The rock formations are unique and you can see the sea lions right next to you.

We invite you to visit Los Cabos and just experience the region. It’s a part of the world that not many understand and dare to explore, but once you learn how to experience Los Cabos and all that it has to offer, it’s just a matter of planing your next vacation there. 

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