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The Parisian cafés, in addition to the cafeteria, they have a restaurant that offers meals at any time of the day. They serve as meeting places, food and drink hubs, business or personal gathering locations, as it was in the past, as well as places for debates or discussion. They have endured wars, revolutions, social unrests and modern transition over hundreds of years.

The Café de la Paix, at the Boulevard des Capucines. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
Outside Cafe on a Street in Paris. (Photo: © Edonalds |
People drinking coffee in typical outdoor coffee shop with vintage chairs and tables on the sidewalk of the cobblestone street in Montmartre – famous and very popular neighborhood in Paris. (Photo: © Rostislav Glinsky |
Night view of cozy street with tables of cafe and old bicycle in Paris. (Photo:© Ekaterinabelova |
Street Cafe at the Crossroads of the Streets of Paris on a Sunny Morning. (Photo: © Mykhailo Pavlov |


Coffee on table and Eiffel tower. (Photo: © Iakov Kalinin |