By Josephine Kingswell 7:30 pm PST

In pursuit of personal gain, some people seem to think that they can get away with anything. When disillusioned by the thought that one can buy happiness, deceiving or harming others in order to make easy money might seem tempting. However, those people who find true life fulfillment are often those kind-hearted souls who aim to help others. When it comes to heartfelt happiness, optimism and a positive outlook on life can be more powerful than financial abundance.

 In fact, the world of Quantum Healing often discusses the power of emotion, and the proven intertwinement between stress and negativity with illness. The field also recognizes that positive emotional well-being is crucial for a person to experience a good quality of life.

 Emotional mastery specialist, Dr. Hranicky, in her work with stage four cancer patients, discovered that the patients’ physical illness was always linked with negative psychological factors, and that the illness provided them with the much-needed opportunity to deal with their negative emotions and change. As they transformed themselves towards a more positive emotional state, many of the patients—to the surprise of the medical doctors who had given them only months to live—had completely recovered back to health. Her work empowers people to take responsibility for their own lives and seek inner fulfilment; health and happiness is certainly something that cannot be achieved by material wealth alone.

 In the book, Psycho-Cybernetics, Dr. Maltz discusses how the brain cannot tell the difference between vividly imagined reality and actual lived experiences, and this understanding is agreed upon by professionals in the Quantum fields. Whatever the brain focuses on is what the person is led towards in life.

 So, when we talk about achieving true happiness in life, it clearly makes sense to focus on positive things, uplift one’s character and morals, and live a full life of “resiliency,” as Dr. Hranicky puts it. In other words, one is an expression of one’s holistic self—as a physical, emotional, and spiritual being—and that expression will directly correlate to the kind of life one experiences.