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Wondering how some women manage to smell like perfume and look perfect at any time of the day? Perhaps they found the secret! 

Sometimes, shower gels, creams or perfumes can leave their scent on the skin only for a few hours, and this can be quite annoying. So let’s talk about some tips on how you can make your perfume scent last all day.

1. Body care products

The first rule is to carefully choose body care products, especially the ones you use in the shower. Many have floral or woody scents that persist longer than other products in the same range. 

The pH of the skin plays an important role in this regard, so it is very important to know how to choose products that have a neutral pH. 

Now lets look at some secrets revealed to us by the cosmetics industry:

2. Food is very important

An old saying goes like this: “You are what you eat”. The cosmetics industry says it is very important to pay attention to the food you eat, because it can play an important role when you want the perfume scent to persist all day. 

A diet based on different spices or foods, like onions or garlic, is very healthy, but you should take into account that your body will find a way to eliminate all scents, and the result will not always be pleasant. 

Nutrition affects not only your body but also the way in which a perfume persists. Therefore, it is important to eat fruits and vegetables, rich in protein, which helps your body to be healthy. Alcohol consumption is not recommended.

3. Use cosmetics from the same range

For example, it is recommended that the shower gel, body lotion, body spray and fragrance have the same essences. Thus, their fragrance will stay with you all day long. Avoid using cosmetics that contain parabens or other substances that can irritate the skin, and opt for products based on natural ingredients. 

You can try cosmetics that contain different essences, but it is important that they complement each other. Another effective trick is to massage your skin with a few drops of vitamin E before applying perfume.

4. Skin hydration is essential

A hydrated skin is healthy and beautiful. It is important to moisturize your skin daily, so the fragrance will last the whole day. In addition, it is important to use creams or body lotions based on natural ingredients, they are the best. 

When your skin is dry, the scent of the perfume does not last, no matter how hard you try. The amount of perfume makes no difference when applied in such situations.

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5. Learn to correctly apply body spray or perfume

Some people prefer to apply perfume all over their bodies, but this practice is wrong. It is important to know how to correctly apply body spray or perfume. 

You can use it on your wrists, behind the knees, on the chest, behind the ears or neck. It is important to apply perfume or body spray on the erogenous zones. 

Seems too much perfume? Apply it at least 30 minutes before you leave the house and it will stay with you all day. In addition, the smell of perfume will not be disturbing.

6. Spray the perfume on your clothes or bag

People in the perfume industry say it is recommended to spray a little perfume on your clothes, jacket or bag. You can apply a little perfume on your hair.

Of course, if you use a perfume which is hard to find, it is not advisable to waste it on clothes. If the perfume contains alcohol, avoid to apply it on your hair. Instead, you can buy a few vials of essential oils, mix them in a bottle and apply the mixture on the hair using a sprayer.

7. Carefully choose what clothes you wear and, more importantly, what detergent you use to wash them

It may not seem as an important detail, but it is advisable to carefully choose what clothes you wear. The clothes must be made of cotton and it’s best if you can wash them with detergents that are chemical free. 

Moreover, in the composition of certain detergents on the market there are compounds that can mask the smell of perfume. 

8. Choose the perfume that suits you

Reserve some time and study the products on the market. Test as many perfumes and you can to be able to find the fragrance that suits you. Apply a few puffs at the wrists and discover what perfume smells best and makes your mind wander in a realm of beauty and finesse. If when you open your eyes, you find yourself smiling, then you know you found the right one.

What other tips and trick you know that can make a perfume scent last all day? Please share them with us in the comment section bellow.

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