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During an interview with Michael Parkinson in the mid-1980s, Princess Anne and her then-husband Captain Mark Phillips were asked about the major security breach made on them in March 1974.

When an armed man confronted them in on their way to Buckingham Palace on The Mall in London in an attempt to kidnap the Princess. Four people were shot during the incident, including the couple’s driver and bodyguard.

On March 20, 1974, she was the victim of an attempted kidnapping on her way back to Buckingham Palace after attending a charity event in Pall Mall. Her attacker, Ian Ball, declared mentally deficient (schizophrenic, experts will say), injures the princess’s driver, Alex Callender, her bodyguard, Inspector James Beaton, as well as the reporter on the scene, Brian McConnell. It is the policeman Michael Hills, also wounded, who nevertheless manages to call for reinforcements who neutralize Ball. The kidnapper wanted to extract two to three million pounds sterling from the crown in order to deposit it in an account in Switzerland. He even demanded that the Queen come in person, so that she would affix her signature to authenticate the transfer order. (Source: