By Dr. Guobin Wu, Translated by Zhihui Zou 4:37 am PST

In a way, the bedroom is a sacred shelter where one recharges energy from a day of hard work. The rest that a comfortable room provides can prepare us for a better tomorrow. There are some suggestions for designing a bedroom that, according to traditional Chinese healthcare, will maximize the potential of a bedroom. Some might call these suggestions fengshui, and some might think fengshui is nothing but superstition; but, in the end, its intention is to help us keep our living quarters organized and comfortable.

A common saying in traditional Chinese healthcare is that the ground is cold and damp, thus sitting directly on the ground might cause that coldness and dampness to enter our bodies. That coldness and dampness could then cause joint and back pain or skin issues in the long term. Similarly, beds should be elevated from the ground for us to avoid catching that coldness and dampness while resting.

Bedrooms should also be regularly cleaned. Traditional Chinese fengshui believes that if a room is dirty and poorly maintained, the room can lose its spirit and thus function poorly. An organized and clean room avoids unwelcome spirits or atmosphere.