By Tim Gebhart 5:58 pm PST

Starting out as a research project, the Radio Garden app had been developed by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision by Bas Agterberg and Jonathan Puckey. Agterberg developed the app with the question, “Can we accurately demonstrate what radio sounds like all over the world?” The Radio Garden app started as a passion project to show the importance of radio and its place in our lives. The popularity of the app went viral after it was introduced to the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam in 2016.

The application is very simple, users navigate the globe, similar to Google Earth. Radio stations around the world appear as green dots. Hover over the green dots with the green circle in the middle of the map and you can instantly hear the radio stations from that location.

With the Radio Garden app, you can listen to talk shows from Ireland, to India, to Mali. The world’s radio stations are all very easily accessible and a pleasure to find through the world map. The app helps highlight our unique cultures and the importance of radio, a technology we have lived with for over 100 years.

The app is very easy to use, just go to and enjoy!