By Kate W. 11:33 pm PST

With all the colors and gift giving that are part of the religious and societal celebrations in December, there is one day we usually don’t really notice — the very first December Celebration that humans observed — the Solstice (winter for us now and summer for the southern hemisphere). In all the decorating and food preparations and trying to decide what to give Suzy and Sally and Sam and Ted — all the people we love and like, and the mailman and people who make our lives easier — we overlook the incredible treasure we Have Been Given.

Our Sun and our tilted Planet work together to give us Seasons (including short and long days) that are different in different parts of the world — hot seasons and cold, which, among other things, cause ocean currents that move throughout our planet, distributing a huge variety of nutrients that give us an enormous array of foods and building materials, from and for the many different climate locations.

The Winter Solstice, Spring Equinox, Summer Solstice and Autumn Equinox make the whole planet habitable for our species (however special and intelligent we may think We are). Yet we so often overlook these treasures which are ‘Given to Us’ by the Universe and our Sun and Planet. We concentrate on other celebrations that are important but differ in belief among our world populations. Perhaps this December 21st would be a delightful time to relax in the wonder that is given to All of Us Alike — to feel gratitude for the treasure of our Winter Solstice and give Care for our wonderful planet.

And as humanity began doing so, so many thousands of years ago, let’s celebrate with hope and gratitude