6:08 pm PST

Dialogue coach runs through line with actress Charmian Carr (who will appear as Leisl in THE SOUND OF MUSIC) film. Go back and forth on the words to get right pronunciation. Woman looks at script, reads script in bed. 


Julie Andrews at make-up table. Makeup artist at work. Woman puts on fake eyelashes. Pan of Salzburg high angle. THE SOUND OF MUSIC being filmed! 

Behind the scenes of Julie Andrews and the actors playing the Von Trapp family doing musical number. Julie Andrews sings with Angela Cartwright as one of the kids. Group sings in theater, extras stand and applaud (standing ovation). 

Director Robert Wise shooting The Sound of Music. Christopher Plummer doing scene. Man with megaphone, scene being shot with lights, camera. Director signs cut (Robert Wise) shows how scene should be done. Kids dance as Wise shows how it is to be done, walk past camera. 

Camera tracks with Julie Andrews in front as Robert Wise counts down in tempo. Julie Andrews speaks to actress. Wise on camera crane, crane moves high up (movie making, film making) Director at work actress Charmian Carr. Bonus footage: couple walks into movie theater with Sound of Music on marquee.