By Video Editor 7:37 pm PST


In the video we present the animated painting Along the River During the Qingming Festival (Up the River During Qingming, Qingming River View, 清明上河圖) is a panoramic painting generally attributed to the Song dynasty artist Zhang Zeduan (張擇端, 1085–1145).  It captures the daily life of people from the Song period at the capital, Bianjing, today’s Kaifeng in Henan. The theme celebrates the festive spirit and prosperous street scene at the Qingming Festival. During Qingming, Chinese families visit the tombs of their ancestors to clean the gravesites, pray to their ancestors and make ritual offerings. Offerings would typically include traditional food dishes and the burning of incense, money paper, cloths, and life necessities, and to show respect to their ancestors.

Source: National Palace Museum of Taipei