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We find it less and less in our daily lives and today few try to wear it, maybe to an event as a sign of celebration or it can be a daring curiosity for those who want to have some fun with fashion.

Since ancient times we find on the head of the tribal chief or sorcerer, leaves or feathers that adorn them, and on the head of leaders, from Ancient Egyptian tiaras to crowns from the Middle Ages. For many centuries the hat communicated each individual’s place within a community, also disclosing the social rank within the nobility.

In Europe, the number and shape of the cown’s leaves represented the degree of nobility. In feudal Chinese society, the small sphere on top of the hat would vary in size and color according to the rank of the bearer, being equivalent to the current military badge. The hat served for a long time the desire for affirmation and differentiation from ordinary people. One effect is that you would seem bigger and taller depending on the type of hat you wore.

Rembrandt and the French musketeers helped make the hat more popular. Through its possibilities of expression, the hat becomes a symbol of culture and often a work of art. 

We can say that any hat, no matter how common it is, includes elements whose poetic description starts with reading the image. For instance, when the stiff, shiny, black cylinder hat was compared with a chimney, the people who wore it were young industrialists. For the sensitive and mysterious woman from the 1900’s, fashion designers made hats like little baskets full of roses with suave colors.

With the arrival of democracy, hats lost their meaning of rank, age, sex and nationality, and what mattered was the artistic expresion. The fashion designers’s imagination, stimulated by past experiences, manifests in fascinating fashion appearances or even strange at times, but in our daily life we see great restraint. Only a few types are worn.

Looking into the future of the hat, the reign of the artistic criterias should begin, and imagination with the fantasy of creators should refresh and beautify the human figure. 

We must not forget, however, that fashion and elegance throughout the British Royal House draws attention to the styles and trends of hats. Whether it’s a horse competition, a major event, a national or royal anniversary, that’s when a veritable parade of hats can be seen, more or less sophisticated, colorful and ingenious, which leaves you fascinated and amazed by their artistic line. 

Wear hats if you have them but remember that this involves special attention to your outfit.

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