By Xin Yuan 5:02 pm PST

Do you often do not understand what your colleagues are thinking? Are you often misunderstood by your boss and feel aggrieved? Do you often put in a lot of effort, only to find others taking the credit? The following ten pieces of advice will help you spot valuable people at work and improve your workplace mindset.

1. The Competitors: they are equal in strength as you, easy to communicate, and easy to fight with. To get along with them, you should know how to put aside your emotions and focus only on what you talk about to improve your workplace skills.

2. Technical experts: senior employees with a wealth of experience or talent for special expertise. They are rational, not good at sharing, but value loyalty. When around them, know how to ask questions and show initiative, as they are the best source in times of crisis.

3. The Damon and Pythias: such people usually do not stand out, always quietly do things, and will give the sincerest advice. You will feel at ease by their side, so please show the same sincerity to them, and cherish his contribution, as such a workplace confidant is hard to be found.

4. The Tumbler: what doesn’t kill them makes them stronger. They have a risk-taking spirit, are willing to share, and have a rich experience of failure but persist in their efforts. Be a good listener when you are with them, do not rush to interrupt the sharing of their failure stories, and learn from those stories.

5. The Devil Coaches: always demand rules, steps, and performance, and like to discipline others. Spending time with them can help you learn to cooperate, become more solid in your basic skills, and become more flexible in your temper.

6. The Vicious Tongues: They always rain on your parade, making you frustrated and upset. However, their sarcasm is a ‘brake,’ reminding us of dreams and reality. To get along with them, we should know how to put aside the issue of saving face and listen to their advice because “pain” can quickly metamorphose people.

7. The Optimists: They always fill people with hope. You will feel useful around them; they can always offer many ideas. Although those ideas may not all be useful, they can stimulate generations of more great ideas and creativity. To get along with them, you should know how to motivate them, recognize them, and create a positive atmosphere for discussion.

8. The Cold-eyed-Onlookers: When you meet them for the first time, you often feel that they are distant, aloof, and unapproachable. Their personalities are calm and neutral, so just be yourself with them and seek help seriously for their direct and pertinent advice.

9. The Still-as-Mountain: They usually act careless, but when it comes to a crisis, they are as stable as a mountain, always know how to dismantle the risk, and do not let stress take over and ruin things. With them, you can learn the best stress management and accurate judgment while completing tasks effectively.

10. The Word-is-Bond: This kind of person attaches great importance to promises and honesty, which is why they will be a little picky and distinguish between good and evil, but once they say a word, it becomes a mission to be achieved. When you are with them, do not play games and tricks. You will surely win their respect and friendship with self-discipline, practicality, and attention to detail.

Translator: Sherry Peng