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The story below appeared in the book “The Directory of Possibilities” by Colin Wilson & John Grant, and its authenticity can not be backed up by official documents. We can not know with certainty whether or not this is a true story.

One day in July 1954, on Tokyo’s busiest airport, a mysterious European passenger appeared, Caucasian, tall and dressed normaly. The man presented a European passport that seemed genuine, but officials noted with amazement that the country from which the man claimed he originates is Taured, a country that never existed in human history.

Led into an interrogation room, the man insisted he is from Taured and that he is already traveling for five years to Japan without any troubles, while on business. 

He showed officials postmarks on his passport showing that he did this journey many times already.

Asked where exactly is Taured, the man answered them in fluent Japanese that Taured is a tiny country in Europe, located between France and Spain. When agents gave him a map, the man discovered that his country was no longer there, and found Andorra in its place. 

Obviously surprised, the man explained to officials that his country has existed for nearly 1,000 years, and he never heard before of Andorra.

He even showed the officials a driving license issued by the Government of Taured, and documents issued by the bank and business documents, but they proved to be nonexistent, just like his bank account. The man was just as confused as Japanese officials.

He spoke several languages, had money from different European countries and his passport also proved that he had visited a lot of other countries.

Airport officials have called the company the man claimed he works for, even having documents in this regard, but no one knew who the person is. 

The hotel he had reservation to has not heard about him, nor the company representatives from Tokyo to whom he came to do business.

After eight hours of interrogation, the man from Taured was tired and frustrated. Officials have decided to take him to a local hotel nearby, to try again the next day to clear the mystery. His room was monitored by two guards who stood outside the door.

After dinner at the hotel, the man went to his room to rest. 

When the guards knocked at the door the next day, they received no response. Entering the room they discovered that the man was gone. But the door was guarded, the room had no balcony, and the only opened window was onto a busy street in the city.

Tokyo Police Department tried to find him, but in vain. 

The Taured passenger vanished as mysteriously as he had appeared. 

It might seem that he arrived at the airport in Tokyo from a parallel dimension, a world much like ours, but not exactly. In his world, unlike ours, a country called Taured existed.

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