11:16 pm PST

In simple terms, promoting health prolongs life. There were many different health practices in ancient times. But exactly how does one promote health? Professor Deng Tietao talks about the three aspects of becoming healthy. What are these three aspects?

First, you must adjust your heart and state of mind. As the saying goes, “Benevolent people enjoy longevity.” Virtue, kindness, compassion, and morality are important qualities that help your health. We often say that medicine is not as effective as food, and food is not as effective than state of mind. That is why we should focus on tempering our hearts and minds. How do we do that? First, keep calm. Clear your mind of cluttered thoughts and conflicts. Engage yourself in your hobbies such as sports, art, attending social events, etc. Second, be in a good mood and have a positive attitude. If you get angry, try to take out your anger in intervals, with five-minute breaks in between. That way, you won’t harm your liver by releasing your anger all at once.

Second, take care of your spleen and your stomach. You can do this by eating healthy foods, controlling your diet, and eating on time. Do not eat too much or too little and make sure to incorporate every food group in your meals. It is also good to be sure that your diet does not have too much sugar or sodium. Too much sugar could lead to diabetes and too much salt could cause high blood pressure. In addition to diet, exercise such as walking can stimulate blood circulation and help with digestion as well as benefit your spleen.

Third, take care of your kidneys by using a simple method derived from Chinese medicine. There are acupuncture points in your ear which relate to your kidney. Massage your ear lobes or your kidneys directly one hundred times a day to stimulate blood flow and benefit your kidneys. Another method is to calm down and not stress over too many things in able to not agitate yourself.

Through following the three pieces of advice above, we can achieve peace of mind, innate enrichment, as well as natural and long-term health.

Translator: Ireen Chau