By DR. Rong 2:04 pm PST

In Chinese culture, there is a saying: “Ginger is as Ginseng in the morning, as arsenic in the evening.” What does that mean? It means: If you eat ginger in the morning, it would be as healthy as drinking Ginseng soup; if you eat it in the evening, it is as harmful as drinking poison. Some people in China like to drink ginger juice as much as alcohol as it gives them a warm feeling. If you drank it in the evening, it would gradually disrupt your qi of yin, resulting in the loss of the balance of yin and yang in your body, and hence it may cause many diseases.

Traditional Chinese Medicinal believes that both medicine and food come from the same origin and that all the foods can be used as a cure, even water. For example, just mix half cold water and half boiled water together and it can be used as adjuvant therapy for insanity, but for normal people, it is harmful to their health to drink this kind of water. So, if a good thing is used correctly, it will have a good effect; if used incorrectly, however good it is, it will inflict damage.

People often ask what things are better not to eat. I recommend not to eat raw, grilled, fried, and greasy foods, not to smoke and drink less alcohol. The drinking time shall be noted of, too. Young and middle-aged people would do well to not drink alcohol in the evening, while elderly people may benefit from a little wine in the evening.

Vegetables and animal meat should not be eaten raw, neither foods directly from the refrigerator, nor frozen foods. Fruit should be eaten at room temperature.

Eat a balanced diet. Daily food should have a right amount of grain (such as wheat, rice, corn, oats and others alternatively), a variety of beans, meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy products, green vegetables and fruits with no picky eating habits.

Follow the Way for Better Sleep and Health

Chinese people follow the Way, or the natural rhythms, even in their sleeping habits in order to achieve the best sleep with a healthy effect. Generally speaking, it is best if you can sleep soundly during the periods from 11:00pm to 5:00am.

According to our flow of energy, each of the twelve channels takes its turn every two hours. 11:00pm to 1:00am is the highest time for qi of yin in our body; meanwhile qi of yang is at its initial stage, the gall bladder is in its season, controlling the hub of yin and yang in human body, with qi of yin keeping latent in the body slowly, qi of yang rising gradually. At this time, the qi of yang is just like zodiac mouse coming out at midnight with the smallest body and highly viable, but very easy to get frightened, so it is the high time to repose, not disturbing the small qi of yang to avoid its damage. Besides, the gall bladder is also the human organ in charge of decision making, so if gall bladder gets damaged, a person is very likely to become depressed and indecisive. Many people today suffer from depression, and those who sleep late at night are more likely to get depressed than those who go to bed early.

1:00am to 3:00am is when the liver is in season. “A man channels his blood back to the liver when lying down,” when active, human blood will flow out into all the limbs and body, with little into going into the liver; while at repose, blood will flow into liver. After flowing into the liver, blood can not only nourish liver, but also gets purified by the liver, and the new blood flows out of liver into the whole body, nourishing all the internal organs and limbs, making body even healthier.

Also, the liver and gall bladder are indispensable to each other, they are like a married couple, one in charge inside, one outside. Late sleepers will harm both. Today, more and more people suffer from liver diseases at an increasingly younger age. This is closely related to their habit of staying up late and the modern nightlife.

In the morning around 3:00am to 5:00am is when the lung is in season. Among our body’s internal organs, the lung holds the post of prime minister; the morning 3-5 o’clock is the critical time for lungs to allocate qi-blood into different organs and tissues of the body system and are not to be disturbed. It is best for the body to be in a sound sleeping state. The average person won’t have either worldly delusions or wild fancies in their sound sleeping state to interfere with the functioning of the lungs.

5:00am to 7:00am early in the morning is when the large intestine is in season with its vigorous activities. You can get up at this time to do some soothingly slow exercises and drink a large glass of warm water to purify your intestines. You may also take “Shu Rong Health Morning Tea” to relieve rigidity of muscles and activate channels, refresh complexion and skin, tonify qi of yang and let the new day be full of vitality.

The sun rises and falls at different times throughout the year, so you have to sleep properly and follow its patterns. In spring and summer, the sun rises early and sets late with the day gaining on the night, so you should also stay up late and get up early accordingly. In autumn the sun sets early and rises early, so too, should you keep early hours. In winter, the night gains on the day, so people should go to bed early and get up late at the time of sunrise each day.

The world should abide by the law of the universe and nature, so at 11:00pm to 5:00am, you should fall asleep to achieve optimal healthy sleeping effects. If you practice Chinese traditional qigong exercises and meditate at this time with no delusions and fancies, you can also achieve good physical and mental health.

Health Wish

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the human body is a microcosm corresponding with the external macrocosm. Our body must adapt to the characteristics of the universe in order to maintain health. Slimming by traditional Chinese medicine is simple and easy with neither side effects nor recurrence, it is very effective for curing obesity caused irregular work and diet. Complying with the basic principles of a healthy sleep regimen helps to achieve multiple effects from the same effort.

Practice medicine to accomplish my wish
Look, how hard people have been suffering in
the world
How I wish the Ancient Medical Masters Bian
Que and Hua Tuo came alive
The everlasting predestiny has been linking us
till the last day
It is to accomplish this wish that I practice
medicine today.