By Brianna Vernon 4:30 pm PST

The chiming of 96 bells commemorated the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Each bell represented the life of the late Monarch, for whom over two thousand guests gathered on Monday, September 19, including over 90 world leaders and royal families. Members of the House of Windsor, including the Queen’s great-grandchildren, George and Charlotte, were also in attendance to honor the remarkable life of the United Kingdom’s former sovereign.

The journey began when the Queen’s coffin departed the abbey. Following closely were her children, King Charles III, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward. Her grandsons, Prince William and Prince Harry, were also present.

The service was conducted by the Dean of Westminster and succeeded by a procession held at Windsor Castle. The tolling of the Royal Horse Artillery, Sebastopol Bell, and the Curfew Tower Bell began; a royal salute was given, and the national anthem played as the journey continued to the Queen’s resting ground.

The committal service ensued, and the Queen’s coffin was lowered into the royal vault. Her Instruments of State, the Imperial State Crown, the Orb, and the Sceptre were removed from the coffin and placed on the altar. The removal of those items mentioned above signifies the end of her reign.

Subsequently, at a private burial held at King George VI Memorial Chapel, Queen Elizabeth II was laid to rest, reunited with her beloved husband, Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Elizabeth II reigned as Queen of the United Kingdom and fourteen commonwealth realms for seventy years after ascending the throne in 1952 at the age of 25. The year 2022 was recognized as her Platinum Jubilee. She is the first British Monarch to celebrate the achievement.

Following her passing on September 8, 2022, at 96, several nations were plunged into mourning for the loss of who was described as a symbol of stability and hope for many.

Tributes began pouring in as news of Her Majesty’s death traveled worldwide. Mourners gathered at Buckingham Palace, leaving flowers and mementos, some still in shock and others in tears as they recounted her incomparable legacy. Speaking with Sky News, mourners expressed that she represented a firm foundation upon which citizens could stand, especially during times of political and social turmoil.

Nations joined the United Kingdom in its time of grieving, including Australia, which has announced a public holiday in honor of the Queen for September 22, and New Zealand, which will recognize Her Majesty’s death on September 26. Canada, whose Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, also announced a federal holiday to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II on Monday, September 19, the same day she was laid to rest.

Upon the Queen’s passing, her son King Charles III was declared Monarch of the United Kingdom and its commonwealth realms. He has since relinquished his hereditary revenues and has now acquired the Sovereign Grant, which will be paid to him annually so that he may fulfill his official duties. In tandem, the royal family’s private estate, worth over $14 billion, will be handed over to the nation as is customary with each generation.

In a video posted to The Royal Family’s official Instagram account, His Majesty, The King, shared this message, “Queen Elizabeth’s was a life well lived; a promise with destiny kept, and she is mourned most deeply in her passing. That promise of lifelong service I renew to you all today.”

Addressing the Accession Council following his proclamation ceremony, he spoke from the heart, stating, “My mother gave an example of lifelong love and of selfless service. Even as we grieve, we give thanks for this most faithful life. I am deeply aware of this great inheritance and of the duties and heavy responsibilities of sovereignty which have now passed to me.”

Despite acceding the throne on September 8, King Charles III’s coronation will not occur until 2023. Referred to as Operation Golden Orb, details regarding the ceremony are being kept under wraps as the focus remains on the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.