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The 3D printing technology has now reached the car domain and by the looks of it, it might be something that’s becoming a part of the present and not so much of the future.

It’s faster and gives you the freedom to design and redesign custom car frames that meet your needs.

How did it all started?

By doing a life cycle analysis, from the moment where you extract the ore from the earth, going throught the process of creating a car, all the way to the end when you recycle it, you will actually find out that an electric car is not that environmentally friendly.

What Divergent 3D is doing is taking 3D printing manufacturing and assembly, and encouraging car manufactures, no matter the size, to implement 3D printing on real production cars that will go out in volume.

From 3D printing using plastic, Divergent 3D started to use the technology in creating metal frames. They want to partner with car manufacturers in order to build cars based on their diversion platform.

So is it working? Can you build a car using 3D printing? 

Yes! The answer is called “Blade”.

Image credit: Vlad Negrila(New San Cai)

Image credit: Vlad Negrila(New San Cai)

This car is about demonstrating that the technology works.

Using this 3D printing technology, companies will replace a factory that costs more than a billion dollars, with printing and assembly equipment worth less than $50 million.

This technology will also give local producers the opportunity to create cars in smaller volumes, without the same barriers in capital that most of them experience at the start of the business.

The mission of Divergent 3D is to replace planet destroying manufacturing with planet saving manufacturing.

How would you design your car, now, that the technology is already here?

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