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In the top of the cleanest countries in the world we find Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Australia, the Czech Republic and many other countries. 

It is known that every day, our planet is becoming increasingly polluted with carbon monoxide emitted by factories and the multitude of cars, becoming more harmful to humans and animals under the influence of the greenhouse effect. 

However, there are countries that manage to successfully fight pollution.

It should be noted that the top of the cleanest countries in the world is dominated by European countries,  so out of ten, eight belong to the European continent. This index shows the average performance achieved for the previous year.

#10 Norway

Norway, a Scandinavian country with a strong economy, is one of the coldest in the world, but also, one of the least polluted. Quality of life it ranked 3rd globally. Even if compared with previous years (environmental performance index 78.04), it has dropped in the terms of cleanliness. 

However, the country of fjords stays strong among the cleanest countries in the world.

#9 Sweden

Sweden is recognized in Europe and in the world as one of the Scandinavian countries with a high degree of happiness, wealth and cleanliness. 

They are actually among the richest and happiest countries in the world, and because of a clean environement, the life expectancy of Swedes is higher than other populations.

Environmental Performance Index (EPI) – 78.09

#8 Austria

Ranked 8th among the cleanest countries in Europe, austrians have protected their forests, understanding that people’s health is directly related with the quality of the air they breathe.

Environmental Performance Index (EPI) – 78.32

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#7 Spain

Spain is a country full of color, were you can find many popular tourist destinations. 

With an average performance index of 79.79, Spain stays strong among the cleanest countries in the world.

#6 Germany

The Germans made a bet with themselves, wishing to enter the “green” charts. 

They managed to drastically reduce the level of pollution in their country, managing to occupy an honorable place six.

Environmental Performance Index (EPI) – 80.47

#5 Czech Republic

Not many people expected to find the Czech Republic in this top chart,  but with an average index of 81, 47, the country has entered the top five cleanest countries for its urban cleanliness and lifestyle.

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#4 Singapore

Environmental Performance Index (EPI) – 81.78

Fourth place among the cleanest countries in the world is Singapore, being a top tourist destination.

In Singapore, chewing gum is considered a crime, and everywhere in public restrooms you can find stickers that remind you to flush the toilet and wash your hands.

#3 Australia

With a population of 22.68 million people, Australia ranks third among the cleanest countries.

With a conservative policy, a model that it learned from Britain, Australia also occupies the tenth place among the richest countries in the world, having tourism as one of the main sources of income, but also its coal deposits.

Environmental Performance Index (EPI) – 82.4

#2 Luxembourg

The second place is occupied by Luxembourg, also called “the green heart of Europe”.

The Luxembourg population, although small in numbers (around half a million inhabitants), can be proud that they live in one of the richest countries in the world, with highly industrialized cities, but also large green fileds. 

A country with a very low crime rate and also very stable economy, Luxembourg has greatly decreased pollution levels lately.

Environmental Performance Index (EPI) – 83.29

#1 Switzerland

The cleanest country in Europe and in the world is Switzerland, also called “Heaven on Earth”.

Apart from being famous for its fantastic landscapes, high-end watches that set the standard worldwide and refined chocolate, Switzerland is known as having the cleanest air, the best water, and best quality of life.

Environmental Performance Index (EPI) – 87.67

This concludes our top 10 most cleanest countries in the world. I hope you enjoyed reading and take this article into consideration when planning your next trip. 

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