By Sandra Strickland Le-Blanc 2:17 pm PST

True Friendship – where does it start? what makes a true friendship? Some-one who doesn’t judge you by what you have or have not.

Some-one who knows your weaknesses, and doesn’t use them against you. Some-one who when you need a helping hand will offer, no strings attached. Some-one who’s loyal to you, when others try to put you down.

Some-one who, when you’re down will be there to cheer you.

If you need a shoulder to cry on, theirs is always ready And if the need is is there, they will cry with you.

No explanations are needed, they just know how you feel. Thoughtful deeds they do for you, and expect no rewards.

True Friendship is enjoying the time you spend together. True Friendship is a joining of heart and mind.

The shared hopes and dreams, the joy, the sadness, good and bad times, you share them all.

I have been blessed with such friendships here and back in England. I have wonderful friends here in the U.S.A., and still have all my childhood friends in England. All of them are my rocks over the years.

“True Friendship” is a rare and precious gift, a real blessing.