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Because the watch is an accessory that you will often wear and that you will keep for as long as possible, it is important that when you decide to purchase one, to not only look for a nice design, but also different characteristics or functions that it may have. 

Nowadays there are fewer and fewer manufacturers who do not include water resistance as one of the characteristics. This is typical for both ladies and men’s watches, there is no differentiation in this regard.

There are many people who want to make sure that the watch they purchase is waterproof, without knowing exactly what that means. 

If you want to have the certainty that your watch has this feature, look closely at the markings on it. You should find inscriptions like “water resistance 3atm”. For those who do not know, 1 atm(atmosphere) is equivalent to 1,033 kg per 1 cm². 

In certain situations the inscription can be written only with the initials: W.R. 3 atm. If the number in front of “atm” is smaller, the water resistance is lower. A watch with 3 atm will resist rain or washing your hands, but not a swimming workout.

Some watches are marked with the inscription “diving”. They are specially made for diving and different underwater sports.

The most sensitive component of a watch is the so-called crown, that wheel that helps us wind, stop or change the date of the watch. So when we take a shower, wash our hands or go swimming, we have to think about this component. 

It can easily retain soap particles which can affect the sealing system of any watch. For this reason, it is recommended that you clean and check your watch from time to time. Maybe ladies watches should be checked at shorter periods of time, given that ladies use many more products for hands like creams and lotions, which have the same effect as soap does.

Either way, it is recommended to not “abuse” this feature, because on the long term, one way or another, the watch may be affected. It’s a shame not to prolong the life of a watch and not enjoy it for as long as possible, especially when you can easily do it.

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