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Watches, suitable for both women and men, are becoming increasingly attractive in terms of styling. Everyone knows that eye catching details count the most, so here are the reasons why watches used as accessories are so important as part of any outfit.

We will be focusing on men’s watches in this article. So if you are woman, share this with your male friends. If you are a man, keep reading.

The fact that they define your style is obvious, but have you ever thought that the type of watch you wear can say something about your personality? Here’s what kind of personality you have and what type of man you are, depending on what type of watch you like to wear.

The Classic Type. You like watches or bracelets which are as simple as possible, leather or metal (whether valuable or not), with a more simplistic design. You don’t like odd shapes or out of the ordinary colors that stand out too much. It’s true that the classic never gets old fashioned, but you might seem commonplace if you go too far in terms of simplicity.

The Sophisticated Type. If you wear a watch that is simple and it has at least one luxury item that attracts attention, then you’re sophisticated. Most likely, the watch you wear has a metal bracelet, stainless steel or a noble metal, with an impressive dial, while being very carefully finished. Perfection for this type of man is represented by the balance between quality and aesthetics.

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The Modern Type. If you wear the newest watch model, it has a multitude of functions and you have not even started to use all of them yet, you are a modern type. Always up to date, you like to keep up with everything that’s new and especially to own just about any type of product recently launched on the market. You make the most out of the evolution of technology, so you definitely want the latest gadgets in terms watches.

The Active Type. Your watch has very good resistance to water, is made of materials such as silicone or rubber, and may have a bold color. If I guessed all of these or at least I’m close, it’s clear that we’re dealing with a guy who spends most of his time outdoors or in the gym, than on the couch with a remote in his hand. You’re an active man, always moving, full of life and always ready for action.

You can adopt different styles according to the circumstances you’re in. That’s why it’s a great idea to buy more than only one watch. Which type of personality do you usually like to express?

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