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In 1981, the Marciano family founded a small company in California that handled the production of denim clothes, which later became one of the most successful fashion brands in the world. 

Through innovative design, marketing and distribution of apparel products, Guess has become one of the most popular leaders in the fashion industry markets dedicated to women, men and children.

The Marciano brothers grew up in southern France, where the French style had its roots and from where it draws its essence and passion. Their love for the American style combined with a European sensibility, became the driving force behind the creation of the Guess brand.

We all know that a colorful picture can express more meaning that a black and white one. But  Paul Marciano defined Guess using black and white photography, while assuming a visual and emotional risk. Yet the result has been numerous award winning campaigns.

Guess launched its first watch collection in 1983, with a line for men and one for women. Together with the Guess image, which continues it’s constant evolution, the brand’s watches easily connect with young people in general and consumers of fashion worldwide. 

Paying constant attention to new ideas and innovative design, the brand remains relevant and interesting in the context of current fashion.

Guess watches come in a variety of styles for both men and women. The women’s collection also covers a wide range of typologies, from trendy-casual to chic-sophisticated watches. The men’s collection combines the best elements of design, the materials used and of course, technology.

In terms of the target audience, Guess watches targets young and adventurous consumers,  that include the wristwatch in their wardrobe as a must-wear accessory.

What makes Guess watches unique is that their design, modern and current, seems to not go out of fashion soon. You can wear a Guess watch without worries, although you purchased it years ago, because it will not look outdated. Also, such an accessory immediately becomes a signature element of your look and style, and it always seems new.

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