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Manoj Bhargava, the inventor of the energy drink called “5-hour Energy”, uses his wealth to help solve the energy crisis. Pedaling an hour on his bike called “Free electric”, a person can generate enough power for the basic needs of a modest house, power that can last 24 hours.

It is a bicycle specially designed for the three billion people worldwide who lack access to electricity.

The system consists of a fixed bicycle and a battery as it transforms kinetic energy produced when cycling in electricity.

Bhargava intends to implement the idea and will cost $4 billion (nobody ever mentioned that to solve an energy crisis you wouldn’t need a lot of money).

“It’s that simple. We believe that we can manufacture it for $100 … anyone who knows how to fix a bike will know how to fix this invention.”

The first 50 bikes manufactured by Bhargava will be launched in 15-20 villages in Uttarakhand, a state in eastern India, before they are launched worldwide in 2016.

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