6:06 pm

In Hollywood movies, perhaps it’s not uncommon to see skyscrapers exploding into fire. But the fire at London’s 24-story Grenfell Tower on June 14 and the screams of those who died trapped inside shocked everyone.

Witnesses say people were screaming for help in front of windows—a minute later, lights blacked out and flames followed.

Some say a man caught a baby from an upper-floor flat, when a mother threw her baby out of the window in desperation, after gesturing for someone to catch. Flames soon engulfed the window where woman stood.

One survivor says she had woken in the middle of the night and daughter in arms, escaped quickly with her spouse, taking nothing with them. When they looked back, they saw flames engulfing the entire building.

Many others, unable to escape, were waving towels, cell phones and flashlights through their windows. Firefighters told them to stay calm and that help was on its way. However, the fire soon swept out of control, firefighter could not go back the building anymore…

Neighbors who awoke to the incident rushed over to help—only to stand just as powerless as those trapped inside—all awaited the rescue that never reached them in time.

For those witnessing the final moments of the tragedy, only a single wish united them—a wish for life to continue—the daily treadmill and worldly concerns up in smoke, conflicts and desires for fame or benefits had no space there.

Perhaps, only in the face of such a helpless tragedy can we put down everything and reflect… What is the purpose of life? What is there for us in this journey of life?