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Donald Trump held Thursday his first post-election press conference, during which he said he’s at the forefront of a movement the world has never seen.

President-elect Donald Trump strongly criticized the latest allegations against him.

“I think it is a shame that such information is published. I saw the information, I read [the report] out of that meeting and they are false news, false things that have not taken place … It was a group of opponents who joined together – sick people – and put together that stupidity.”

Although Trump’s war with the US CIA agency is known thing, the new report – unchecked and unverified – says  that Moscow might have compromising information on Trump, that they would use in the future to blackmail him.

The file appears to have been created in August, which raises questions about why it was not used in the campaign to discredit Donald Trump.

Part of the US intelligence services say that the compromising materials were gathered by the Kremlin against the president elect, during a Miss Universe competition in Moscow in 2013, and came from a former MI6 officer.

US media identified him Wednesday evening as a former MI6 officer, “most likely” Christopher Steele, now director of a private security company, Orbis Business Intelligence Limited. 

He is also director of a company called Walsingham Training, who argues that it offers courses to CEOs on topics ranging from “understanding and reducing the cyber and physical risk presented by hostile countries, criminals or companies”.

Steele has not yet commented.

At a press conference Trump attacked the television network CNN, claiming that it’s an “awful” organization that produces “fake news”.

Responding to questions about the suspition of Russian hackers being involved in American politics, Trump argued that the US is wide open to hackers but it will not remain like this for long, if he has something to say about it.

“If you really believed that Russia was behind the attacks, what would be your message to Vladimir Putin now?”

“He should not do that, he will not do that. Russia will have a greater respect for our country after I become president. “

President Trump left the stage while he was bombarded with questions from the angry CNN reporter, leaving many questions unanswered.

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