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For a long time I thought that a beautiful life, full of joys and lessons, is something that happens to everyone and that I will also naturally go through this journey myself.

I never thought that I would have to learn how to live, that there are certain domains and ways to see the world that I will have to learn about, until I get to live a happy and simple life without too many complications.

I want to highlight these 12 habits because no matter where you are in your life right now, you’ll be able to apply these rituals of happiness whenever you want. You can start to practice these habits starting today and I am sure you will begin to feel the effects soon enough:

1. Commit yourself to your goals

When you dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to do something, you feel as if being connected with an energy source that helps you in what you do. When you dedicate yourself completely to do something, your mind starts to focus on ways you can make things happen. 

This is what makes people happy. The fact that they know what are they living for and that they are dedicating every day to make that one thing become a reality. If the goal involves making other people happy, then that’s even better.

2. Avoid comparing yourself with others

When you compare yourself to someone else, you may find yourself stuck in some pretty nasty situations. If you think that you are somehow better than the other person, this will give you a wrong and even unhealthy sense of superiority, and so your ego begins to artificially become bigger and bigger.

If you consider yourself “less good” than the other person, you discredit all the work you did and trash all the progress you’ve made. If you look carefully inside yourself, you will notice that most times, this habit to always compare ourselves with others doesn’t come from a healthy place. If you ever feel the need to compare yourself to someone, do it with a younger version of yourself.

3. Increase the number of flow experiences 

This state of flow occurs when you do something and time seems to have stopped. It is when you are so focused on what you do that you become one with it. You don’t feel sleepy, hungry or go through different emotional states. You’re just completely absorbed by what you do. Nothing else distracts you and you don’t pay attention to anything else.

4. Also focus your attention on the positive side of things

People who succeed in what they do have the ability to create their own state of well-being. In many cases, the person who succeeds has a habit in which he focuses on the positive side of things,  on what works and what he has learned. 

He knows that “failure” is just an opportunity to grow and learn a new lesson in life. People who also focus their attention on the positive side of things can see the opportunities around them, especially in difficult times.

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5. Be kind to others

When you help someone, this triggers the release of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a substance that supports a healthy immune system and gives you a feeling of happiness. When you help someone, you will notice that you feel really good. What’s interesting is that when you do this, not only you will feel it, but also the people who see this act of kindness. 

Really cool right? Those who see what you did will receive a portion of serotonin just because they saw what was happening. Also, I do not know if you know but what most anti-depressants try to do is to help you produce more serotonin.

So be kind to others and everything will be fine.

6. Express gratitude for what you have now in your life

When you appreciate what you have, you will notice that almost instantly the value of the things you have in your life will increase, because you perceive them differently. Interesting, isn’t it? 

So when you feel gratitude for the good things you already have in your life, this will give rise to a profound feeling of happiness, without having to go out and buy something from the mall in order to feel better. It sounds very logical. There is a pretty big chance that you might encounter difficulties when you want to be happy, unless you’re grateful for what you have now.

7. Learn to forgive

To nourish and keep feelings of hatred or contempt is very bad for your well-being. Some of our memories might be so vividly clear in our minds, that we start to feel in a negative way immediately when we think about them. 

When you have negative feelings towards someone and you constantly think about it, those negative feelings might erode your immune system. You put yourself in a negative mood that might stay with you throughout the day. 

Is it worth it? Learn to forgive…

8. Develop healthy relationships with others

The happiest people on the planet are those who develop deep and meaningful relationships with others. Did you know that there are studies that point out that the rate of mortality doubles for people living alone? Incredible, isn’t it?! 

That’s because we have that good feeling inside when we have a circle of friends with whom we can share experiences. We feel that we are connected and that we are part of something bigger than just ourselves.

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9. Develop strategies to respond to challenges

The way you react to difficult situations will have an impact on your character. There are times when difficult situations arise and yes, some of them are inevitable. 

Therefore, develop your creative ways through which you face challenges; tools that are available whenever you need them.

10. Treat your body with respect

When you have a balanced body, this contributes significantly to your state of happiness. If you are short on physical energy, then your mental energy (along with the ability to focus), the state in which you are and the desire to follow your goals, all will suffer. 

Did you know that it is already proved that depressed people who exercise feel an increase in their levels of happiness? And here’s the interesting part: six months later, people who participated in the exercise program were far less likely to be depressed, because they had an increased sense of self-achievement and self-esteem.

11. Enjoy the beautiful moments

A state of pure happiness can not exist if you do not slow down when going through life. It is quite easy when you live in a world in which you are distracted with all kinds of things, to forget enjoying the simple things life has to offer. 

When we neglect what happens around us, it’s like throwing away the magic of that moment. It is exactly those simple moments in life that give us the most profound experiences, when we remember to live them fully.

12. Focus your attention on something greater than yourself

It’s that moment when you realize that life is greater than the size of your bank account. Some of the people who have left their mark in the world and in history, said that what they did “was their mission”.

This might not be that easy to do. But it’s worth to invest the time and energy in trying to figure out what are the most important things in life.

Begin today to practice at least 2 of these 12 habits that only happy people enjoy doing. Are there other habits that you would add to this list? Please leave us a comment bellow.

Always remember: happiness is a choice, not an effect.

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