By Bethany Shepard 6:25 pm PST

According to a foreign policy expert, Gordon Chang, China is prepared for conflict, whereas the United States is not. Gordon Chang, a senior fellow at the Gatestone Institute and the author of “The Great U.S.-China Tech War,” stated on Monday’s “Mornings with Maria,” that China is currently making rapid preparations for military action against the U.S.

Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, stated on April 1st, 2023, that Chang’s warnings are exaggerated rhetoric. But Chang continued, “China is preparing to kill Americans and we’ve got to prepare to defend ourselves.” Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of Defense seems to be  preparing to oppose China but at a slow pace.

Chang’s remarks were made just prior to an NBC News report revealing that the Chinese spy balloon that traversed the continental United States earlier this year gathered sensitive information as it flew over American military sites, despite the White House’s efforts to prevent it, according to two senior officials and one former Biden administration official.

Chang noted that the United States is at an “inflection point” with China, and that if a conflict breaks out in Asia, it could spread to the United States as well.

According to Chan, “Michael Yon, the war correspondent who’s been spending his time in the Darién Gap, where these migrants … flow through has been saying he’s been seeing … males of military age who are unaccompanied with families. That, to me, suggests either People’s Liberation Army or Ministry of State Security agents.”

He continued, “And I think that on the first day of the war in Asia, we are going to see it fought on American soil because they’ll turn off our lights, turn off the water, and these guys coming across the border are going to be detonating bombs and creating havoc,” Chang says. “So really, what we’ve got right now is our enemy infiltrating us. Now, most of the people coming across are refugees. China right now has some real problems, which is the reason why we have a flood of people from China. But in that flow, I am sure that there are saboteurs.”

U.S. military forces launched a missile off the coast of North Carolina on February 5, 2023, to terminate the days-long flight of what the Biden administration says was a surveillance operation that brought a Chinese balloon close to U.S. military sites.

Jonathan D.T. Ward, founder of the Atlas Organization, contends that America’s foreign policy position is “out of whack” and that we are “losing time rapidly” in our efforts to maintain economic dominance.

Jennifer Griffin, the chief national security correspondent for Fox News, spoke with U.S. officials who reportedly pushed back against any suggestion that the intelligence the Chinese were able to gather was of significant value, standing by their original statements that any signals or electronic intelligence gathered by the balloon was of “limited intelligence value.”

It’s up to the American people to put pressure on Biden so that he cannot get away with doing the minimum. This is critical right now. China is doing many different things that are ominous.