By Staff Reporter 2:28 pm PST

Since the Biden administration began, an estimated 100,000 illegal immigrants have made their way across the Mexican border. Most of these immigrants, however, are not coming from Mexico, but are making their way from central American countries like Venezuela, Honduras, El Salvador, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Panama, etc.

Even more disturbing however, is the fact that most of these “illegal immigrants,” “migrants,” and or “refugees” are young children who are traveling along.

For parents, can you imagine a life where your child’s best hope for prosperity, is to flee unaccompanied to a country in the north, thousands of miles away from home?

The story of immigration to the United States for greater prosperity is not a new one. My own mother legally immigrated to the United States from Argentina in the late 1970’s. Many people considered me to be an “anchor baby:” A child born on US native soil, who anchors a foreign family behind them.

I also grew up on the Mexican border, traveling both sides of the line frequently during my youth; and there has been a series of terrible events around the troubled US Mexican border region throughout the last half century.

View of Tijuana city, Mexico.

The Mexican city of Tijuana, on the Border of California, is home to millions of inhabitants, and it has always been in the top 5 of most dangerous cities in the world, based on murder rate.

I can remember clearly in 2009, seeing UN tanks at the border as an organized crime war, or “cartel” war, raged in the streets of Tijuana and Ensenada.

For the millions of people that live in Tijuana, there is a severe lack of sewage infrastructure that leads to a very serious ongoing problem: whenever a toilet is flushed, whenever industrial waste from nearby factories is disposed, the runoff ends up in the Tijuana river. It is a river that beings in Mexico and ends on the shores of Imperial Beach, in the United States.

“I can’t tell you, my reader, how many times the beaches of my hometown have been closed due to wastewater contamination from the Tijuana river; its countless.” One of my uncles told me, he used to work as a border patrol agent. He was the one whose job it was to catch smugglers amongst the hundreds of thousands of legal border crossers that traverse the line everyday via work permit and/or dual citizenship.

He could detect human traffickers based on car model. It tended to be so glaringly obvious and mass coordinated, that he could pick the make and model of a car and be correct in identifying smugglers based on this information alone.

Human trafficking is an unbelievably large, and glaringly obvious enterprise at the US Mexican border. With so many desperately clawing at the border of the USA, the journey that children take from impoverished nations in central America, exposes them to the worst of humanity and predation by human traffickers. Generally, they enter Mexico and utilize the Mexican train systems to make their way to the US border.

These trains become absolutely congested with stow away passengers. Many of them ride upon the roofs or break into the train cars. A nightmare scenario for children, and a predator’s dream come true.

Though there are no easy answers to this human catastrophe, at the very least migration should not be incentivized. Yet, incentivization seems to be exactly the reason for bloat of migrants causing the crisis. President Biden’s executive orders, loosening border restrictions, has incentivized a rush of people who view this current Presidency as their opportunity for migration, and a better life.

Unfortunately, very few of these refugees will manifest that reality. Many would be harmed.