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Diamonds, an energy of the universe, stand for purity and eternity.

When marveling at the window display of various diamond jewelry, few will think about the genuine origin of each diamond.  Scattered around different parts of the world, diamonds buried underground lure diggers to dig deep for them to finally emerge at the window displays for fashion brands. That is, the most prosperous city may be the place with the greatest numbers of diamonds.

Norman Silverman Diamonds, a Los Angeles-based diamond merchant, brings diamonds from all parts of the world to the US, to Hollywood, and to American families who love diamonds. Renowned for their high-quality diamonds, they put more stress on friendly prices and service to allow more people to be able to possess their ideal diamonds.

Starting as an apprentice cutter, owner Norman Silverman put every effort into upgrading his diamond cutting skills and gradually learned to visualize each gem as a finished piece of jewelry. This talent enabled him to become the top in this field. Established in Los Angeles in 1983, Norman Silverman Diamonds first focused on diamond wholesaling. He and his partner had a steady share of the diamond market by using the traditional business model, and continued to sharpen their craftsmanship. Currently, they are the authority on diamond trading and designing in the Western US.

As honored guests at the best international jewelry exhibitions, they take orders from the top jewelry stores in the US, Canada and Europe, and have won numerous awards for their jewelry designs. Many diamonds carved by Norman Silverman Diamonds have become world-renowned treasures to be passed down to offspring. As one of the world providers of large and rare white diamonds as well as impressive yellows, Norman Silverman Diamonds is synonymous with the finest diamonds in the world.

Every piece of Norman Silverman Diamonds is hand-crafted in platinum or 18 karat gold. From elegant engagement rings to fashion forward and timeless jewelry, Norman Silverman Diamonds is a perfect jeweler that pleases even the most discerning eye. Besides its collection of rare and beautiful diamonds, Norman Silverman Diamonds offers customers a variety of services. Their diamonds that hold eternal value cater to the needs of individual customers, where each customer can find a unique and distinctive piece. With large numbers of customers, Norman Silverman Diamonds stands out from other jewelers. Norman Silverman jewelry gives customers delight and impeccable beauty. Behind each glittering piece is their everlasting passion for diamonds and their eager pursuit of jewelry craftsmanship. Meanwhile, their theory of business and traditions guarantees the excellent quality and eternal value of Norman Silverman diamonds.

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