By John Olusegun 4:27 pm PST

The Chinese New Year, which operates based on the lunisolar calendar, is celebrated by more than just those who identify as Chinese. Brands appeal to the holiday by launching new collections at the beginning of the Lunar New Year. Watchmakers routinely use the animal of the new year, which changes every 12 years, as the symbol of their new collections. As the year of Tiger ends, these luxury watches released a celebration of the new animal, the Year of the Rabbit.

One of the most notable releases for the new year is the TAG Heuer Carrera Chronograph Year of the Rabbit watch. The luxury watchmaker released 500 of these limited edition pieces in black, red, and golden chronographs. An eye-catching red rabbit on the face may distract one from noticing other notable characteristics of this artfully crafted watch. . Notwithstanding, the watchmakers differentiate the new releases by engraving ‘limited edition’ and ‘one of 500’ on the watches themselves.

Piaget’s Lunar New Year release is a simple but classy timepiece for luxury watch lovers. The Piaget Altiplano Zodiac watch puts all the focus on the dial with two rabbits looking to the side. The thin movements hardly distract from other ornate elements such as the enameled dial or the stunning case. A fact that may interest potential buyers is that there are only 38 pieces of this watch in existence. Each is made of 18k white gold setting and 78 brilliantly cut diamonds. All 38 watches are numbered and are only available in select boutiques around the world.

The Blancpain Villeret Calendrier Chinois Traditionnel is the 2023 edition of the decade-old Villeret collections. Every year since 2012, the watchmaker releases new models in honor of the Chinese New Year. The watches have the year’s animal engraved on it along with other features that are classically Blancpain. For the Year of the Rabbit, Blancpain released 50 limited-edition watches. Each piece has a platinum case and alligator leather strap which gives it a striking appearance.

Breguet is celebrating the Lunar New Year with a limited edition release dedicated to women. Everything about the watch is selected with the intention of exuding elegance and attributes of the Year of the Rabbit such as beauty and prosperity. The most noticeable feature of this watch is its dial. The artistic dial has six rabbits in various movement forms on a blue cloudy background. The movement and case complements the dial to retain the quality the brand is known for.

Dior is one of the luxury fashion houses that released a new collection to celebrate the Lunar New Year. The French luxury fashion house released this stunning timepiece for the brand’s lovers celebrating the Lunar New Year. The luxury watch features 52 brilliant-cut diamonds on the dial. While the 18k yellow gold dial is amazing, it is not the only feature that will catch your attention in the watch. The pink-gold bezel set and steel case back with sapphire crystal glass all contribute to the stunning looks of the luxury timepiece.

The Lunar New Year is another opportunity for brands to launch new dedicated collections. These watches released to commemorate the new year all emphasize the zodiac of the rabbit according to the Chinese calendar – beauty, wisdom, kindness, long life, and harmony. Brands creating goods to celebrate the new year leverage these attributes to appeal to their customers. These luxury watches are no exception.

Edited by Elena Potek