By Bethany Shepard 3:41 pm PST

Neuschwanstein Castle is frequently regarded as one of the most recognizable and photogenic landmarks in the world. This magnificent structure may be located in the German state of Bavaria, in the town of Hohenschwangau, which is situated on a hill with expansive views of the surrounding area. It is routinely listed as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe and welcomes millions of holidaymakers annually. The following are five compelling reasons to include Neuschwanstein in your travel itinerary:

In 1869, King Ludwig II of Bavaria issued the construction order for Neuschwanstein Castle. Richard Wagner, a German composer, held a significant appeal for King Ludwig, who was a passionate opera fan and had a strong affection for Wagner’s works. In actuality, the castle was built with Wagner’s operas and their affinity for romanticism in mind. The architecture of the castle was inspired by Richard Wagner’s opera “Tannhäuser,” which tells the story of a knight who lived in a castle atop a mountain. A second source of inspiration for the castle was Richard Wagner’s opera “Lohengrin,” which tells the story of a hero who saves a distressed damsel. A vast number of artists and theatrical designers cooperated in the construction of the castle, which featured state-of-the-art amenities.

The name “Neuschwanstein” translates to “New Swan Stone” in English. The origin of the name is due to both the swan, which was a symbol of the composer Richard Wagner, and the site of the castle on a cliff. The term “stone” in the name alludes to the numerous rocky outcrops that surround the castle. King Ludwig II of Bavaria chose the current name for the castle because he was a major fan of Richard Wagner’s work and wanted to include his passion for swans into the design.

The construction of the castle began in 1869, but was not completed until 1892, long after the death of King Ludwig II. The construction of the castle reportedly cost 6,2 million marks, an enormous amount of money for the time period. It took 14 years to complete the construction of the castle, which was constructed utilizing local materials (such as limestone) and traditional techniques. The castle was designed by the architect Christian Jank, who was a student of the renowned architect Gottfried Semper at that time period.

The Romanesque Revival style utilized in the construction of Neuschwanstein Castle is particularly stunning. The castle resembles something from a fairy tale due to the numerous towers, turrets, and battlements that are dispersed around the edifice. The interior of the castle is just as impressive as its outside, with its expansive hallways, opulent furnishings, and intricate artwork. The Throne Room in the castle is especially impressive because it features a majestic throne and a beautiful ceiling fresco. The exterior of the castle is just as magnificent as its interior, with beautiful views of the adjacent Alps and the surrounding landscape.

Neuschwanstein Castle is significant not only for its architecture but also for its long and illustrious history. During a period of significant political unrest in Germany, King Ludwig II of Bavaria exploited the castle as a means to escape the political and social restraints of the time. This was the time when the castle was constructed. Richard Wagner’s operas greatly impacted the architecture of the castle, which also functioned as a tribute to the king’s favorite composer, Richard Wagner. Today, the castle stands as a testament to King Ludwig’s artistic and cultural interests, who commissioned its construction.

Neuschwanstein Castle is not only one of the most famous and picture-perfect landmarks in the world, but it is also an absolute must-see for everyone traveling to Germany. It is an experience that will truly stand out in one’s memory due to its stunning setting, rich history, and impressive architecture. Regardless of your passion in art, history, or architecture, a visit to Neuschwanstein Castle will leave you speechless. If you ever have the opportunity to travel to Germany, be sure to include Neuschwanstein Castle on your list of sites to visit. It is a remarkable edifice.