By Kate W 1:02 am PST

To redirect my mind from dark or painful thoughts anytime, but especially at night, I visualize Sunrise on a clear morning when all growing things and human built things begin to slowly and gently show their colors and push away the black of night.

Songbirds wake and together sing their version of the Hallelujah Chorus. Large winged birds soar high – perhaps sharing the sky with huge, fair weather cumulous clouds, clouds that will later become brilliant white, but now are catching that first incredible pink and gold of morning’s sun.

Our Sun, as she first overcomes the Eastern horizon, is spreading her life giving energy back into the world by covering it all for a short time with the miracle of shimmering gold dust.

Trees are stretching themselves up and out in joy to catch Sun’s first glory, and her energy.

Within me now, darkness is gone, and light and energy are mine.