By Joe Knox 10:35 pm PST

For an entire decade, from 1966 to 1976, the nation of China experienced the Maoist cultural revolution, that almost purged all capitalist and traditional elements from Chinese society.

5,000 years of traditional culture was destroyed, ancient architectures, palaces and temples were desecrated, and an estimated 20 million innocent people died as a result; add that to an additional estimated 55 million lives died of hunger due to the failed “Great Leap Forward,” just 5 years prior, and one can get a small sense of this catastrophe.

Early video evidence is available in historical archives. People were punished for “wrong think” by being forced to suffer public humiliation and torture. Dissenting opinions were heavily censored, schools were closed, teachers were sent to farm land to reeducate, cancel culture was in full effect, which led misguidance of Chinese youth, without education and social assurance, were mobilized into violent revolutionary gangs.

Sound Familiar?

It should. America is experiencing this exact same playbook, yet with one caveat, most of America’s cultural revolution is being experienced digitally.

There seems to be a conglomeration of very large technology companies in Silicon Valley who are at the forefront of this revolution. Some would argue that this is a facet of a coup de tat upon the American people. Regardless of the undercurrent of the situation, it remains grossly clear that companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google appear to have a blatant political agenda.

The recent subpoenas of the CEO’s of the big Tech companies before the Senate Judiciary committee have made the front headlines. Live video of their interviews has been made public.

To nearly any intelligent observer, watching Senator Ted Cruz among others, question these companies’ front men about their blatant censorships; and then watching these same men give well scripted, evasive responses is enough to give pause.

It’s the American version of public humiliation for “wrong think”; and that “wrong think” is monitored by our Silicon Valley overlords. “Who the hell elected you?” exclaimed the Senator from Texas at the CEO of twitter.

It’s like the Chinese Cultural Revolution all over again; but now it’s the western version.

Facebook for instance, has been heavily accused of not only censoring information that could be damaging to their preferred candidate, but also tracking its users on the internet, even while not on their platform.

Twitter has been accused of deleting accounts and information they see as “hacked material.” Yet when it’s pointed out to their CEO Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s hypocrisy of censorship based on political affiliation, continues to deliver well scripted, vague answers to legitimate questions.

Watch the interviews for yourself.

Of course, if you live in China, you can’t. The great firewall of communist controlled censorship prevents you. How long before Google, Twitter, and Facebook create their own great firewall?

It’s been reported that Facebook recently deleted a massive group forming on its platform. The group’s name was “Stop the Steal,” a Pro-Trump grassroots group. It was said to have been gaining 25 thousand members per hour.

The amount of distrust in media and social media is now at an all time high. Where is the truth? No one seems to know. But the American people are beginning to exit from doubtful platforms, news and media sources, and search engines.

Parler, a new uncensored social media platform has recently gained a significant following. More and more people are using search engines like “Duckduckgo,” and browsers like “Brave,” while avoiding conglomerates like Google.

This brings hope to many observers that this digital cultural revolution in America will ultimately fail.