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Chinese people actually are the ones who know the harmful consequences of lying, so they made up a story called “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. 

From the government to individuals, lies are everywhere. What is the outcome of this? In the eyes of the people, the government’s words are always lies. Colleagues are not  credible either, since they have a purpose, and parents also lie to make their children behave. You must be careful when borrowing money to prevent being cheated, since others’ words are not believable.

A few days ago, I saw an article that offered a large reward for finding the owner’s lost dog. How many people would believe this? Even if the dog was found, would you really get the reward? It would be good if the owner didn’t ask you if you were the one who stole it. 

Nowadays, when seeing an old man fall down on the road, would you dare to help him up? You wouldn’t, because the old man’s attitude before and after you help him up would be different. Some people would look at the fallen person and let him/her die, while claiming that the situation was helpless. Is that not scary? Who could be blamed? Because they like lying so much, people would do anything to benefit themselves.

Borrowing money from friends is also the same. They would say that they’ll return it tomorrow, and then say the same the day after that, and so on. They fulfill their promises only so many times. This results in the experience that you can do whatever you want – just don’t let people borrow your money.

Everyone, after they lie, experiences the resulting consequences. When they speak the truth, no one listens, and when they need help, no one will help them.

Is this normal? The hazards of lying are too numerous. What do you lose from lying? You lose trust between people. It is too horrible.

Avoid lying and learn to speak the truth in any situation. Only when we first improve ourselves, we will start to see positive changes happening around us.

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Translation: Ireen Chau