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The strawberry is an interspecific hybrid that you can’t find in nature if you don’t cultivate it. In 1715, the engineer Frezier brought to France five strawberry plants called Fragaria chiloensis,  a wild species from North America.

So far, 3000 different species of straberries have been documented,  most of which grow only in specific areas. A few number of species have been able to stand out and make a truly remarcable impresion in the history of the strawberry.

Different strawberry types can be cultivated early, in the middle or late during the season. “Premial” is the type of strawberry than can be cultivated early. Each strawberry weights about 12 grams, is very resistant to disease and it is cultivated by many people because they can get a production of up to half a kilogram from each plant. This also enables them to sell the fruits early in the season.

The types that can be cultivated during late season are Senga Sengana, Sătmărean and Benton.

From the types the can be cultivated during the middle of the season, you can find the type called Magic. It gives flowers in May and its fruits can grow up to 15 grams.

The most popular and tasty straberries worldwide are Elsanta, Chandler, Clery, Sonata, Marmolada and Honeoye. In Europe the most cultivated type is Elsanta: over 80% of the strawberry production.

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For over 20 years, this type of strawberry has been cultivated in countries such as Holland, Belgium, Germany and Austria.

Although there are impressive research programs in countries like Italy, France, Spain and the UK to improve the strawberry and annually  dozens of new types are launched in Europe, none has yet managed to overthrow the supremacy of Elsanta (Dutch). You can obtain large quantities from it, tastes great and lasts for a long period after being harvested.

Elsanta can be grown in very different climate and soil conditions. It can be grown in open fields, in protected environments and also in small house gardens. The fruits are large, have a round conical shape, are bright red, are not fragile, can be stored well, have a pleasant smell and a strong flavor.

This type was selected by the Plant Research International B.V. from Netherlands, then IVT, from a cross between Gorella and Holiday.

Strawberries are the kind of fruit that you can enjoy no matter if it’s raining or is sunny outside.

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