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How did “Swiss Made” became famous and what it actually represents for watches? Why are Swiss Made watches so popular and what can they achieve that other watches cannot? 

Many people don’t ask these questions. However, they heard that watches with “Swiss Made” on them are of high quality and inevitably, when they want to buy a watch, they look after this inscription. 

We will explain in the simplest language what does Swiss Made actually represents and what it means to you.

Before being famous for its variety of wonderful chocolate recipes, Switzerland became and remained famous for the quality and precision of high quality timepieces. Today, worldwide Swiss watches are highly prized for the accuracy they provide. 

History says that watchmakers today were the jewelers of the sixteenth century, that were somehow forced by Jean Calvin and his reform (proposing that people should be more modest and quit their luxurious life) to change their job. 

So they started to use their skills in working with small tools and parts acquired as jewelers, in manufacturing watch mechanisms. In the following centuries, Swiss jewelers became master watchmakers, creating an unrivaled industry in the area.

Clearly, the Swiss Made label literally translated means manufactured in Switzerland, but that doesn’t mean that all timepieces who have this label are entirely manufactured there. 

According to the law, we can call a watch “Swiss Made”, only those whose mechanisms are produced, manufactured and assembled in Switzerland, or whose final inspection was performed in Switzerland.

As a buyer and future owner of a timepiece, you must keep an eye out for many fakes that have the name “Swiss Made”, but who are not. You should know that the genuine models will not have inscriptions such as “Made in Switzerland”. 

The inscription can be placed only on the back cover or inside the clock, on the dial. If we think about it, it wouldn’t make any sense to have “Swiss Made” written on the strap, for example. Also you must make sure that you received a document certifying that the watch is genuine.

“Swiss Made” represents quality, and this means that when you look at your watch and see these two words, you can smile and feel good as you know it’s something made with care and attention to details.

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