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Argan oil is a natural vegetable oil, particularly rare and precious, obtained by cold pressing of the Argan tree seeds (Argania spinosa) which grows only in southern Morocco, particularly in the Souss plain.

Traditionally, argan oil has been known for its cardioprotective properties and that it can treat skin infections. Epidemiological data have shown that a regular consumption of argan oil may have significant protective effects against different types of cancer that could affect the colon, prostate, breast, pancreas and endometrium. As an antioxidant, it protects the body from the harmful effects of free radicals,  it is anti-microbial and anti-rheumatic.

Used for centuries by Berber women as an elixir of youth, it is called “desert gold” because in order to obtain a liter of oil, you need about 100 kg of nuts.

Scientific studies have often confirmed the beneficial effects of argan oil in skin care. Due to the moisturizing, nourishing, protecting, regenerating and healing properties, it is effective against aging.

When used consistently, it reactivates the vital functions of cells, promotes the production of collagen (protein that supports all tissues, including the skin), improves the tone of the face muscles and prevents wrinkle formation.

It is very fluid and yellow gold and unlike other oils, it doesn’t leave your skin oily because it is absorbed by the deeper layers, which makes it even more appreciated.

Due to its content of essential fatty acids, rich in Omega-3, omega 6, squalene (an anti-aging hormone precursor of DHEA), vitamin A and tocopherols (vitamin E) in an amount three times higher than oil olive, argan oil is an important ingredient in cosmetic formulas that are used for the whole body.

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The beneficial effects are not only for the skin, but also for the lips, hair and nails. If we want to effectively stop wrinkles form forming and delay the cellular aging process, we can apply a drop of oil on our face in the morning and one at night, whie we gently massage the skin. It can be used in cases of mild acne because it regulates the production of sebum and prevents scar formation. It is also useful for men: a few drops of argan oil before and after shaving leaves the skin hydrated and prevents irritations.

For the lips, you can apply an exfoliant mixture once a week that also has a regeneration effect. It is obtained from a teaspoon of argan oil and one of sugar. The effect is spectacular!

It is a real balm for brittle and dry hair. It is enough to warm a few drops of oil in your palms and apply it gently on your hair. Leave it like this for an hour and then you can wash your hair as usual.

It can also be used as a scrub for the body, prepared from a mixture of 3 tablespoons of argan oil and 3 tablespoons of sea salt. Apply the mixture on the wet skin, focusing more on the elbows, knees and feet, then continue with your usual bath or shower. 

Used for massage, it helps muscles unwind and has a relaxing effect. After a shower it helps soften and rehydrate the skin.

It’s ideal for strengthening the nails. We can apply it each evening by massaging in a circular motion. For a weekly treatment, introduce your fingertips for 10 minutes in a mixture of argan oil and lemon juice, both in equal quantities. Then massage your fingers and this will strengthen and make them look healthy.

And that’s not all. Argan oil can be applied to the skin even in the case of psoriasis (attenuates itching and reduces skin exfoliation) and to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. It also protects the skin from sunlight, wind, pollution and is indicated for the delicate skin of children.

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